Throne Ormament from The Miracle of St. James Hampton, by Mike Walsh
James Hampton
Secret Writing

James Hampton

James Hampton with the Throne, from B. Chad's page The Throne
Fig 2: James Hampton with the Throne under construction, in the garage that he rented. (from Lynda Roscoe Hartigan's article linked below).

    James Hampton was a Washington, D.C., janitor with little formal education. He built the Throne in a rented garage, working during his evenings off.  Visions inspired him to create the throne.  The owner of the garage discovered the Throne after James Hampton's death and got the National Museum of American Art to put it on display. Here are some links to sites on James Hampton's life and work.

   Among Hampton's papers is what may be a plan for the throne, page P13 (click for a larger image), although it does not show space for the Throne in a clear fashion: 

Page p13, may be plan for the Throne