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PDF Files that Print onto Single Pages for Batch Printing of High-Quality VMs Images

These PDFs include a very brief introduction and added explanatory text labels on a few pages. The intro and text labels on these PDFs are in English.

The files below are PDFs that all print onto normal 8-1/2 x 11 inch or A4 paper.  Foldouts are reduced in size to fit such a page, usually in landscape format, and then full-size images of each constituent panel of a foldout follow the reduced foldout image.

YOU SHOULD MAKE DOUBLE-SIDED PRINTS!   Thus the Recto side of each VMs folio will be on one side of a printed sheet, and the correct Verso side will be on the other side of the printed sheet!

Prints of foldouts are handled as follows.  First, images of the full foldout that are reduced in size to fit the sheet are printed, and then full-sized images of each individual panel are printed next.

If a single, non-foldout folio's image will not fit onto the alloted space on a printed page, the image's size is reduced slightly to make it fit.

Image resolution is 300 dpi with a single 85% JPEG compression, to keep the file sizes reasonable.  Each PDF file is roughly 20 Mb.

Here is a text file with all the links to these PDF files.  You can load this file into a download manager to make it easier to download all the PDFs.

Here are links to the individual PDF files: The date below will only be changed if truly significant changes are made to these PDFs, so if your copies are older than this, you will want  to download a new set!

September 3, 2010