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Publication-Quality PDFs of the Voynich Manuscript

This site has PDFs of publication quality of the Voynich Manuscript.  Each page has the folio number, the quire number, and a page number for collation.  A title page and very brief introduction is included.  Recto and verso sides are correctly matched on the pages.  Missing folios are indicated by a page with a note to that effect.

Image resolution is 300 dpi with a single 85% JPEG compression, to keep the file sizes reasonable.

Two sets of PDFs are available:

  1. PDFs that all print onto normal 8-1/2 x 11 inch or A4 paper.  Foldouts are reduced in size to fit such a page, usually in landscape format, and then full-size images of each constituent panel of a foldout follow the reduced foldout image.  These are the "PDFs that Print onto Single Pages" above.
  2. PDFs that include full-size foldouts, which require larger paper for the foldouts.  Again, the front and back of these match the real VMs.  These are the "PDFs that Include Foldouts" above.
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