High-Quality Voynich Manuscript Images

   Yale's Beinecke Library has now made high-quality color images of the Voynich Manuscript available on their website!  The images are about 500 dpi and 24-color.  A million thanks to the Beinecke and Yale University for this superb gift to all students of the Voynich Manuscript!  These images are in LizardTech's proprietary MrSID format; tools for using these are linked below.

Program Windows Mac Linux
Express View browser plugin LizardTech
PCW Mr-SID site
LizardTech  - Safari with  Mac OS X 10.2 or later
LizardTech - OS 9.1; problems reported with Netscape, though not IE (jp
PCW Mr-SID site - PowerMac
PCW Mr-SID site
XnView - excellent viewer, good interface but slow, available for most systems  XnView XnView XnView
IrfanView -excellent, popular viewer, most control over printing; must have latest plugins IrfanView

GeoViewer - ("GeoSID") - an old LizardTech viewer, small and some map viewing  Saharas  - click on "Visualizez et decoupez les photo satellite ZULU-NIMA avec GeoSID" (fr)

ImageVisu - minimal but fast and simple, some GIS files  GeoVisu

TatukGIS - viewer, also good as GIS viewer , fast, has "print to PDF" feature  TatukGIS

ERDAS View Finder - viewer, large but fast, excellent rendering of images, some map viewing, cannot print anything  Leica Geosystems

Geomatica FreeView  - GIS viewer  Geomatica

ActiveX control  Dutch site  (nl

Photoshop plugin  Dutch site  (nl Dutch site  (nl
LizardTech's standalone MrSID viewer, small and fast  LSU
LOC MrSID site
Dutch site (nl
LOC MrSID site   - OS 9.x
Dutch site  (nl

Graphic Converter – viewer, shareware, must have MrSID plugin

QuarkXpress plugin
Dutch site  (nl
gvSIG - viewer, also full GIS, needs Java and add-ons, available in English  gvSIG
mrsiddecode utility to change MrSIDs into TIFFs or JPGs 
(JPGs of degraded quality, though) 
-script with Beinecke catalog numbers
-script with VMs folio numbers
(help notes for this
mrsid_retrieve - command line utility to change MrSIDs into TIFFs, etc. 

Wine (to use Windows programs on x-86 Linux systems) 


    If you have any questions or comments, contact ctesibos at yahoo dot com  .

June 29, 2013.

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