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 Picture Talk

   The Picture Talk shows symbols for bathrooms, restaurants, medical  necessities, and many other things needed for travel.  The symbols would be immediately understood by anyone in the First World and many in the Third World.  The symbols can be combined, used to compose sentences in a manner, to express more complex ideas.  This is the closest thing that this author has seen to Liungman's universal, no-need-to-learn symbolic language.

Picture Talk: Global Communication At Your Fingertips.  Paperback - 31 pages (May 1999)  Langenscheidt Publishing Group; ISBN: 0887291910 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.34 x 5.95 x 4.16 .  Picture from Amazon.com .

Picture Talk = Time, Numbers

   Especially noteworthy is the way in which one may combine several images to express a more complex image.  Picture Talk thus has syntax as well as symbols, at least as much syntax as a pidgin language. 

   There is another similar book:  Meader, Johathan, The Wordless Travel Book , (Ten Speed Press, Berkeley CA, USA, ©1995)

Wordless Travel Book - Title Page

Wordless Travel Book - Sample Page #1

Wordless Travel Book - Sample Page #2

Wordless Travel Book - Sample Page #3

   Here again, one may combine several symbols to give a more complex meaning; here again, the system has at least a primitive syntax. 

Wordless Travel Book - Syntax