Vai Syllabary of the Vai in Liberia

   Here is Cornell's table of the Vai syllabary of the Vai in Liberia :

Figure 2: The Vai Syllabary

Vai Syllabary of Liberia

   The Liberian Post, Page 8  notes, "By dreams, indigenous systems of writing were invented. Dwaki Bukele (Vai tribe) invented such a system. Other scripts are Bassa Vah (invented by Di Widah), Kpelle by chief Gbili of Sonoyea, and Bond Lorma by Widoh Zobo from Lofa County. "  However, LINGUIST List 7.400   says, " ... Or else, the inventor of writing was supposedly inspired by a dream, as in the case of Momolu Duwalu Bukele, the inventor of the Vai (West African) script ..."  So the name of the inventor of the Vai syllabary was Dwaki Bukele or Momolu Duwalu Bukele.

Figure 2.1 - A Story in the Vai Syllabary with English Translation

Story in Vai Syllabary



   One man live to take a walk to go to some place.  He go and catch one big town.  All the people join for play.  They kill one cow.  The man said, you all give to me cow head I buy him.  Then all give it to him.  He catch him and carry him far away.  He go and catch big swamp.  Some people live pass.  He tell the people my cow swamp done catch him, he can't come out.  You all come help me, so we can pull my cow out of the swamp.  The people say all right.  Then he said you all done kill my cow.  That's the thing you pay sixty dollars for him.  The people give to him the sixty dollars.