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    New Developments in the Decipherment of James Hampton's Secret Writing

        This subsite's pages will be frequently updated and may take the form of blogs.  .

        The most important new development prompting the open of this subsite is Dr. Mark Stamp's very important work.  Visit his site from the link in the upper right-hand corner!  Most important is his student Ethan Le and his transcription of Hampton's diary in its entirety.  Many thanks to them both!  Dr. Stamp has also written an important paper analyzing the transcription.

        Also very important is the new involvement with James Hampton's secret writing of several members of the Voynich Manuscript list.  Bruce Grant has contributed immensely with a set of Perl scripts to count the repeated strings of multiple graphemes in the text.  Barbara Barrett is an epigrapher and linguist who is making a very important contribution.  Jeff Haley has also made an important contribution, and others are taking an interest.

    May 12, 2004

        The statistics page is now open.