Throne Ormament from The Miracle of St. James Hampton, by Mike Walsh

Hamptonese Statistics

  The author has placed on this site scans of Hampton's pages that he has transcribed. The images are of sufficient resolution that the reader may do his own transcription from them.   Here are two tables of the Ten Commandments from Hampton's "P" papers. Note the same "words" at corresponding places in the two tables.   Finally, here is the author's transcription.   Here are single- and double- character counts and vowel identifications of the Hamptonese corpus.    A remarkable feature of Hamptonese is the multiple occurrences of the syllable "yv", in strings of two or three repetitions.  Statistics were also calculated for the corpus after all multiple "yv"'s were converted to only one "yv".     Even with this, the statistics of Hamptonese are still quite skewed.  For comparison, here are statistics for a document in common written English:    In comparison with the English text, Hamptonese is skewed toward the letters "y" and "v", at the expense of all the others.  The most common digraph in the English text is "th", 3.0% of all digraphs.  Compare "yv" at 5.5% and "pv" at 4.2% in Hamptonese without multiple "yv"'s. 

   Also notable are the numbers of vowels and consonants of Hamptonese.  Hamptonese has 13 vowels and 18 consonants, while English as normally written has 6 vowels and 20 consonants.