Throne Ormament from The Miracle of St. James Hampton, by Mike Walsh


    Hampton served in World War Two and spent time on Guam. He may have fabricated the first pieces of the Throne there. The author believed that Hampton might have learned Chamorro, probably in pidgin form, while he was on Guam, and that this pidgin Chamorro might be the underlying language of Hamptonese. The author prepared a Chamorro corpus from the sites noted in the Chamorro source below and adapted it for analysis with the tools on hand, changing it so that there would be one letter for one phoneme.       As before, here are single- and double- character counts and vowel identifications of the Chamorro corpus.     In Chamorro one sees the same skewing toward the most frequent letters that one sees in Hamptonese, but there are not enough vowels and consonants to match Hamptonese.