Throne Ormament from The Miracle of St. James Hampton, by Mike Walsh
James Hampton
Secret Writing

The Secret Writing of James Hampton, African American Sculptor, Outsider Artist, Visionary

    James Hampton was the sculptor of The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly.  This sculpture is  usually on exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American Art, in Washington, D.C., but is currently exhibited in Williamsburg, Virginia, from Jan, 1, 2000. 

    The Throne is a magnificent work of religious art.  It consists of around 180 pieces.  The many winged figures give a sense of exaltation. A photo can only suggest the impact of the original.  Remarkably, this work of art was built, as an essay by Mike Walsh linked elsewhere on this site  notes, "from a very select collection of junk, including old furniture, burned-out light bulbs, jelly jars, carpet cylinders, desk blotters, cardboard, and foil. All the separate pieces are precariously held together with glue, tape, tacks, and pins." 

    James Hampton also left behind a diary in a secret writing.  Signs and labels on objects also contain this script.  The script has never been deciphered.  This website is dedicated to the decipherment of James Hampton's secret writing. 

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